Buda 6476 – Sewing Pattern Review

I fell in love with this pullover pattern when I first say it and was very excited to give it a try. In the end I have a bit of mixed feelings, but I will still give it another try and recommend trying it if you are looking for a simple pullover.

The Burda 6476 pullover pattern is simple and easy to follow. I made view “A” and will like to try out the longer view “B.”  We took a look at this pattern on our IG Live @craftedspaces, and really got into what we loved and hated about our makes. For me it may have come down to the choice in materials, as my serger did not seem to like the sweater knit fabric I had selected. In the end it all worked out, but it did take some time and some frustration. What should be a quick afternoon project, took me more time. Outside of the the fabric challenge; which can be easily solved by trying another material, I do have a few other changes I would make.

Firstly, I would size down a bit for this pullover, as it is really really roomy and may feel like a bit too much fabric. However, if you are layering like I am then perhaps that will work for you and you will appreciate the very loose feel. The main thing that did not work for me was how long the sleeves are. I will definitely shorten the sleeves and perhaps even taper them in a bit. I did like the high low hemline. The hemline looks cool and adds to the design. I also made the neckline a bit more roomy by doing a 1/2 inch seam allowance just on the neckline. Overall I recommend measuring the pattern pieces to confirm which pattern size you need and to identify if any changes are needed.

This is an easy pattern; however, I listed it as a beginner to intermediate, because depending on the material you choose “super easy” may not be the experience you get. Having an understanding of how different materials work is very helpful. If you have done some sewing before and you enjoy playing with knit fabrics then it is a “super easy” pullover pattern.

Pattern Details

Band: Burda
Difficulty Level:  Beginner to Intermediate

Techniques Involved:

  • Working With Knits
  • Top Stitching

Materials We Used:

  • Sweater Knit
  • Thread to match

Tools Required:

I used my serger for the majority of this project. I also used my sewing machine with a stretch twin needle to hem. If you do not have a serger, you can use a ballpoint needle on your sewing machine along with a small zig zag stitch or a stretch stitch setting for your regular seams. You can finish off your hems using a twin stretch needle. If your fabric is particularly stretchy, then a walking foot can be useful.

I hope you found this information helpful. Check out the IG Live video @craftedspaces, and let us know how you would change things.

Happy Stitching!

*This is not a sponsored post. The views and options expressed are our own and are not in partnership with any third parties. Please do your own research before following any recommendations made.

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