Creative Space Declutter And Organization Challenge

Creative Space De-Clutter And Organization Challenge by Crafted Spaces

The busyness of the New Year has started to settle down and it seems like a great time to start focusing on organizing and refreshing different aspects of life. I have given myself a few organizing and refreshing challenges for the year, and I will start by focusing on my creative space.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the organization and refresh of my sewing and craft studio, and I will like to invite you to join me. If you are also interested in following along with my other upcoming organization challenges, I will post updates at the end of this post when they become available.

My home-based studio is where I create and teach over thirty-five different classes and workshops. I also meet with business consulting clients in the same space. I live with my husband; two sons aged sixteen and eight, as well as my mother who lives with us for most of the year.

My creative space is my former living room and the first major space you see when you enter my home. I have a craft room in the basement, and my kitchen is also a teaching space for some of our dye classes. Being organized is therefore crucial for me to maintain productivity and maintain a balance for my family. With everything that is happening in my home, my studio needs to be kept neat and tidy. Keeping things neat and tidy improves my productivity and creates an environment that nurtures creativity.


Not everything needs to be “Pinterest Worthy;” however, complete chaos hinders my ability to create. Regardless of the size of your creative space, I hope that you can benefit from the process in the coming weeks. Below is a checklist of the decluttering and organization goals I will be focused on. I will be purging, finding organization and storage solutions and donating some items. I will also assess the usefulness of each item based on the type of projects I plan on making in the immediate future.

Decluttering and organizing can feel overwhelming. Depending on the size of your stash it may take longer to go through the process. There is no timeline set for each task. The idea is to do as much as you can each day, and be open and committed to the process. The goal of this challenge is to motivate and support each other in our journey to an organized creative space. Sharing with each other is a great way to inspire and motivate us towards creating the change we want to see.

I have created a calendar for what I will be doing in the coming weeks. I have accounted for my teaching schedule and family commitments, so I will be skipping some days. You are welcome to join the event calendar and follow along or create your own schedule. I will post updates here and on our Crafted Spaces Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to join us to follow along #csgetorganized and share your progress.


  • Purge Stash
  • Donate Items
  • Organize Sewing Patterns
  • Create Organized Fabric Storage System
  • Label Notions
  • Organize Yarn
  • Manage Paper Stock
  • Organize Craft Supplies
  • Improve Storage Solutions
  • Optimize Workflow



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