DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I absolutely love Christmas wreaths. The holidays would not be as festive without a wreath. Over the years I have made both natural and artificial wreaths. However, my favourite is always a natural Christmas wreath with a mix of fresh evergreens. After a bit of looking around for materials, I purchased a mini evergreen swag from Lowe’s. The mini swag was just the right amount of greenery needed for an asymmetrical arrangement, and I already had the rest of the materials I needed.

The mini swag included a small Juniper branch with berries, and I was able to gather some dogwood from the side of my house to add to the arrangement. I love combining the different greenery for a beautiful textured look. This tutorial is super simple, and I hope you have as much fun making your wreath as I did.

How To Make A Christmas Wreath

DIY Wreath Supplies


  • 18″ Grapevine Wreath Form
  • Evergreens and Berries
  • Dogwood
  • Bells
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Sticks (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional)

Tip: You can forage for materials or collect cuttings from a fresh Christmas tree.


Wreath Supplies

Step 1. Gather your materials for your wreath and group them by type. You will then want to clip your greenery into smaller clippings. I used Fraser Fir, Western Cedar, Boxwood, Juniper and a few sprigs of dogwood.

Evergreen Bundles

Step 2. Create small handheld bundles of greenery by combining a clipping from each of the greenery. Be mindful of the size of your bundles; do not make the bundles too large or too small. Each bundle does not have to be exactly alike. Subtle differences in the bundles will create a more organic look for your wreath.

Step 3. Lay a bundle over the grapevine form and attach the bundle to the grapevine by wrapping around it with the floral wire.

Step 4. Continue adding bundles; slightly overlap each bundle as you go along. Continue until you feel you have the desired arrangement. You can place the bundles flowing in the same direction or you can face some in one direction and some in the opposite direction meeting in the middle (as shown above).

Holiday Wreath

Step 5. To fill in the final gap in your arrangement, you can add small bundles into the space or attach embellishments such as pinecones. Do not cut the floral wire until you have wrapped your last bundle. Then secure the ends of the wire towards the back of your wreath.

Step 6. You can add bells with a velvet ribbon (as shown above) or simply hang or display your finished wreath as desired.

Tip: Select greenery that will dry well or use a spray bottle with water to mist your arrangement as needed to help keep it fresh longer.

I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas DIY tutorial. If you decide to try this project, be sure to share your DIY with us by using #craftedspacesdiy.

Happy Christmas!


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