New Sewing and Craft Blog

Crafted Spaces Studio

Since 2010, Crafted Spaces has shared sewing and craft tutorials along with other crafty information on its’ blog. Over the years it has been a fun experience developing content and connecting with our students, blog followers and other creatives. This year we continue to develop Crafted Spaces and have redesigned our website, added new classes and have fun new projects to share with you. As part of the change, we have decided to create a new blog that is dedicated to sewing and crafts.

You can still access the content of our other blogs (see links below). However, some content will be updated and brought over to this site. Our other blogs will be refreshed in the coming months, and will focus on other creative topics.

If there are things you will like to see on this new blog, just drop us a line at or comment below.

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