Pattern Review: McCall’s M6659

McCall's Pattern Review

This is a review of the McCall’s M6659 sewing pattern. The pattern package includes seven views in total; two pajama tops, two pajama bottoms, two robes and a pair of boxer shorts. We used this pattern in a Beginner Sewing class, where we sewed the pajama pants view G. I recently revisited this pattern to try views A and B, which are two versions of the same robe. Our guest instructor Amy Marcus and myself decided to do this project together, but used different sewing techniques. This review includes feedback on the views mentioned and provides tips on sewing these projects.

The size ranges for this pattern are 8 to 24; this means 31 ½ ” to 46″ in the bust and 33 ½” to 48″ in the hips.

Pink Satin Robe

Views A and B – Robe

The pattern suggests using a light to medium weight woven fabric. It suggests washed silk, charmeuse, crepes or cotton voile fabrics. We decided to use satin and Amy found these beautiful jewelled tone polyester satin at Fabricland.

Sewing Techniques

  • I used a serger to finish my edges prior to sewing
  • I sewed the shoulders and stay stitched the back neck edge as instructed
  • Amy used a french seam (still using ⅝” seam allowance) on most of her seams and finished her armhole with a zigzag stitch
  • Amy alternated between using her satin foot and a walking foot (for some areas)
  • We did the different length robes
  • We strongly suggest ironing as you go along

Purple Satin Robe

Things We Did Differently

  • The armhole did not have enough ease, so I sewed the side seam at ½” versus the suggested ⅝”
  • We both did a flat sleeve vs a set in sleeve, which we found easier to do with the fabric we chose
  • I serged then hemmed the lower edge after the sleeves were in and the sides were sewn
  • I added a few inches to my belt so that it drapes a little when I tie a bow
  • We both finished the band slightly differently with top-stitching and we both eliminated any hand sewing
  • We both did not include the piping around the band (which is shown in view A)
  • Amy did the top stitching along the band and went back over it with a decorative stitch

Next Time I Will:

  • Use a cotton voile
  • Adjust the pattern to open up the armhole for more easement
  • Lengthen to create a longer bow
  • Incorporate a piping in a contrasting colour

View G – Pajama Pants with Contrasting Band

The pajama pants were simple and easy to sew. We used a cotton voile and did not include the piping, but did use a contrasting fabric for the band. This was a first time project for some of our beginner sewing students. However, I found that the pattern instructions were not very intuitive for our students. With some explanation and a class demonstration, our students were able to understand what to do. As a result, I would not recommend this pajama as a first time project if you are new to sewing and working on your own. There are many other pajama projects that are simpler for a first time project (see link below).


What is nice about this pattern, is that there are several projects that you can try and each project will build your sewing skills. You can develop your skills on how to add sleeves, work with piping, sew button holes, sew darts, add contrasting bands and sew narrow hems.

This is labelled as an “Easy” sewing pattern; however, I would suggest that if you are a complete beginner that you start with a simpler pattern such as the McCall’s M2476 for your first time project. The lines are simpler and you will also benefit from the ease of use that McCall’s sewing patterns have to offer.

If you have a few sewing projects under your belt, then you should give this sewing pattern a try. The projects we made were true to size. The semi-fitted silhouette is an attractive departure from the typical baggy sleepwear and you can easily make it into a sexy combo with the right fabric and a few added touches. Satin can be a little tricky to sew; if you have not worked with satin before and you are not sure if you are ready for the challenge, I suggest using a cotton voile.

Both Amy and I really like the robe and will both like to try this pattern again with a few small changes. If you have tried this pattern and will like to share your thoughts, please comment below. I will also love to see what you make using this pattern, so remember to tag us in your social media post. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest @craftedspaces.

Thanks for reading this review. Happy stitching!

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